One-shot Films
September 25, 2021
Directors use different techniques to hold the full attention of the audience and make their films unique and real.

One of the most unusual is definitely one-shot filming, which helps to dive into the world on the screen and become one of the characters of stories.
Rope (1948)
Hitchcock's psychological thriller about two young people who killed their classmate for fun.
Russian Ark (2002)
Mesmerizing time travel through the history of Russia covering 300 years, where artworks and cultural monuments come to life.
1917 (2019)
Oscar-winning war drama film directed by Sam Mendes.
Birdman (2014)
A washed-up superhero actor tries to revive his fading career by directing a Broadway production.
Victoria (2015)
Virtuoso drama about a Spanish girl, whose walk through Berlin results in criminal and love.
Blind spot (2018)
Norwegian debutante Tuva Novotny takes up such serious themes as children's suicides and consequences of mental diseases.
Utoya - July 22 (2018)
A reconstruction of the events which had taken place on 22 July 2011, when Anders Breivik committed a mass shooting on the island of Utoya..
Authors: Arina Bokach