Japanese Animation
September 3, 2021
Our today's compilation is a guide to the world of modern Japanese animation, which is an amazing start for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the world of anime. However, we promise that experienced fans also will find something new!
«Ride Your Wave» by Masaaki Yuasa (2019)
A bright and tender anime-fairytale about a young Surf Girl who cannot get over her lover's death and sees his ghost in different liquids.
«Mirai from the Future» by Mamoru Hosoda (2018)
A wise story of four-year-old Kun. A sequence of miracle meetings helps him to handle his sister's birth.
«The Garden of Words» by Makoto Shinkai (2013)
An incredibly beautiful anime about love, loneliness and about how important it's to be understood.
«Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms» by Mari Okada (2018)
A directorial debut of screenwriter Mari Okada, fantasy anime about what it is to be a mother.
«The Wind Rises» by Hayao Miyazaki (2013)
A poetic anime-drama about a boy who became an aircraft designer on the eve of the Second World War. One of the last works of the recognized master of Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki.
«Puparia» by Shingo Tamagawa (2020)
A meditative three-minute animation, which was hand-drawn with color pencils by the author. It took three years to create this cartoon and finally it is available on YouTube.
Here is actually a nice bonus from our team 2 animated series:
«Mob Psycho 100» by Yuzuru Tachikawa (2016-2019)
A story of Mob. At first glance, he is a simple eighth-grader, but he has psychic powers and uses them to fight evil spirits.
«Made in Abyss» by Masayuki Kojima (2017-...)
A girl Riko and a robot boy Reg are exploring a mysterious world of Abyss, a vast chasm, stretching inland.
Authors: Velina Peshkur and Elizaveta Rogova;
Author(s): Arina Bokach