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  • Cinema of the Thaw (RU)
    Today we are discussing the "Thaw" period, which many call the "Soviet New Wave".
  • Cameraman of the week: Emmanuel Lubezki (RU)
    Today we introduce you to the master of long shots, Emmanuel Lubetsky.
  • sound of metal (ru)
    This film turned out to be an authentic opportunity to delve into the world of hearing problems even for those who hear well without hearing aids.
  • Cinema. Feminism. Revolution (EN)
    Today we are going to talk about the whole terminology of feminist film theory.
  • Acquaintance with Documentaries (EN)
    The time of boring and insipid chronicles has long passed and documentaries have reached a new level. We can endlessly talk about changes, but what about those who have not yet encountered the new culture of documentary filmmakers?
  • Director of the week: Alfred Hitchcock (EN)
    The king of suspense, master of thrillers and pioneer of horror films. All these words are about Alfred Hitchcock, our new article is devoted to.
  • Harry Potter as a Part of Christmas Atmosphere (RU)
    Harry Potter: how to give people New Year's cheer for 20 years?
  • Filmmaker of the week: Wes Anderson (EN)
    As the king of symmetry Wes Anderson released his new film "The French Dispatch" (2021) a few months ago, we've decided finally to get you acquainted with such talented director. Let's start!
  • History of Bondiana (EN)
    Today we'd like to explore the world of Bond films and see how his image has changed over the years. So, let's start!
  • Creating visual horror (en)
    Today we're going to talk about several visual ways, being used to create horror atmosphere.
  • Cinematographer of the week: Roger Deakins (EN)
    We are talking about one of the most talented and recognized cinematographers ever, Roger Deakins and his road to becoming who he is now.
  • Cinematographer of the week: Greig Fraser (EN)
    Have you already watched "Dune" by Denis Villeneuve? A talented cinematographer Greig Fraser made all this amazing operator's work! We'd like to talk about his most important projects.
  • Venice Film Festival (EN)
    The world famous festival has given us many unforgettable impressions and fresh looks. It also has become a new fresh breath in the development of the film industry after the global pandemic.
  • Director of the week: Sofia Coppola (EN)
    One of the most famous female film-makers Sofia Coppola and more about her works and life.
More articles
  • Stereotypical female characters in cinema (EN)
    FFF team decided to analyze our favorite female characters and make a list of the most common.
  • Young ukrainian cinema (UA)
    We want to show our support for Ukraine and its unique culture, so we have put together a selection of young Ukrainian cinema that is worthy of your attention.
  • Modern russian cinematography (EN)
    For a long time, Russian cinema caused only laughter and echoes of the Soviet communist past in the world community, but the Russian new wave has not been like that anymore.
  • Music videos by famous film directors (EN)
    Today we'd like to share with you a compilation of musical videos directed by well-known filmmakers such as David Fincher and Spike Lee.
  • Japanese Animation (EN)
    Our today's compilation is a guide to the world of modern Japanese animation, which is an amazing start for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the world of anime.
  • One-shot Films (EN)
    One of the most unusual techniques is definitely one-shot filming, which helps to dive into the world on the screen and become one of the characters of stories.
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