Books on the cinema theory
August 25, 2021
Our team collected our favourite books on cinema film theory and we are happy to share them with you.
«Feminist Film Theorists: Mulvey, Silverman, de Lauretis, Creed», Shohini Chaudhuri
With a help of works of famous theorists, Shohini explores how since the early 1970s a theory of feminist cinema has revolutionized understanding films. Highlighting key concepts and tools for cinema analysis, author evaluates approaches of theorists using the examples of modern cinema and television.
«The Imaginary Signifier», Christian Metz
One of the most quoted and renowned works about cinema theory. Metz explores a method of film analysis combining both psychoanalytic approach and linguistic models. Using this methodology, the author describes the nature of cinema language and spectators' perception.
«Screen Image of the Thaw (60's - 80's)», Lydia Zaitseva (rus)
An incredibly interesting work of a cinema explorer with a huge experience. In this work she analyses only the cinema of the Khrushchev thaw ("Walking the Streets of Moscow", "The Cranes Are Flying", "Beware of the Car").
«Hitchcock/Truffaut», François Truffaut
A conversation between the leader of "French New Wave" François Truffaut and the creator of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. A transcription of a 50-hour interview immerses readers in thoughts of the great directors. The interview is gradually becoming a perfect master class in filming, understanding and watching movies and, of course, theoretical aspects of cinematography.
«Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen», Sheila Curran Bernard
Emmy Award winner's work about how leading filmmakers use such an important instrument of documentary as storytelling. The author offers practical tips for documentarians and new analysis strategy for documentary works.
«Sculpting in time», Andrey Tarkovsky
One of the main theoretical works of an outstanding Russian director was finished a few days before his death. In this book he shared this thoughts about cinematography, the profession and a mission, as well analysed his own artworks. Tarkovsky payed special attention to the theme of moral responsibility of an author in productinon sphere.
Authors: Anastasiya Chursanava and Velina Peshkur;
Arina Bokach